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Meet the team

About Sajbernet

Sajbernet Enterprise is an international IT-company which provides complete digital solutions for you or your company worldwide.

Our focuses are both entrepreneurs and individuals who want to expand their knowledge and expertise within IT in order to create more services to their customers. Sajbernet can provide you with the simplest web design to advanced programming such as games, software and hardware programming.

We are much aware of the hard competition in the IT-business which causes many companies to struggle with the software and hardware development. There is a big market and for the smaller company it can be difficult to offer all the services that are requested by customers. One of our strength is that we have everything in-house which enables to lower costs and delivery of complete solutions for you and your company.

Our team consists of members with long experience and different backgrounds within IT, in that way we have a wide range of competence which covers most areas. Our services consist of web- and hardware programming, game and apps (Android, PC, Apple iOS), hardware sales, workshops and educations within IT.

Sajbernet IT

Since we have our IT-development in Asia we can keep our costs low without cutting off the quality, which is on a high level according to the Swedish standards. It’s important to us that our clients have great trust and confidence in us since we aim to build long lasting co-operations and relationships. Please visit Sajbernet IT for more info.

We have offices in Sweden, Germany, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

Board of Directors

Those who controlling the Sajbernet Empire

Johnny Van Nguyen
Chief Executive Officer

Johnny Van Nguyen

CEO / Chairman

Our ALMIGHTY BOSS! He began his entrepreneurial career at a very early age. Has been working in fields like IT, Import and export, Communities, Entertainment, Restaurants and B2B/B2C. Love to drink green tea.

Lam Vinh Chau Ha
Country Manager Vietnam

Lam Vinh Ha Chau

Country Manager Vietnam

The BIG BOSS in Vietnam office. Good in research, IT development and other things related to the business. A specialist in project managment and in 3D drawing and game development. But very very bad in drinking alcohol.

Maddy Weng
Country Manager China

Maddy Weng

Country Manager China

The BIG LADY BOSS in China. Very Good in managment & Research in China & Hong Kong, specialist in trading, Import & Export. Love to chat & do business at same time, . Love music and karaoke. Have a voice of an angel when she start to sing.